Facebook For Business

Start generating leads & revenues for your business today!

Facebook for business is one of the major platforms in online marketing that you simply have to be using if your serious about making new leads for your business.  With a powerful back office you can drill down your advertising to the most relevant people meaning a better return on your investment.

Many leading brands all over the world use Facebook not only to sell to but to engage with, it's proven that by engaging with potential customers on a regular basis makes that person more likely to buy from you.  All businesses belong on Facebook and for those businesses looking to engage with a variery of businesses this has to be a big part of your marketing plan.

Luv4 Marketing have an online 8 week learning programme that will take you from the basics to mastery by sending you documents, training videos and webinar invites so you can really learn Facebook for Business.  The documents are held on your personal dashboard  to allow you to learn at the speed you feel comfortable with. For full information click the links below.



Why are you using Facebook? Who's your target audience? What post's are going to work best?  All great questions that need to be covered in the Game Plan & Setup Section.


How do you grow the Likes? How do you get the best reach?  What do people best respond to?  In the Grow & Engage section you will be given all the top tips needed to be successful.


Once you are setup and have been producing great posts you will need to know how to market. This section has your best practices, top tips & great examples of good marketing in.