LinkedIn For Business...

The number one platform for business, LinkedIn has all the tools and ... to give you everything you need to increase your business & your business contacts. Research has proven that only a small percentage actually use the system to its full potential - Do you think you use LinkedIn right for your business?


LinkedIn For Business
The Luv4 Marketing online learning course which includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and many more is a weekly learning portal suited to all business needs. You have access to your personal dashboard where all the documents, videos & webinars are stored for your convenience. With 24 hours access you have complete control of the speed in which you learn and of course how often. Once a week a new set of learnings are delivered into your dashboard which you can then use to improve your skills in each platform.

The first in the series is LinkedIn which is set over an 8 week period. Looking at Game Plan & Setup, Grow & Engage, Marketing and finally Strategy, you will be taken from the basics right through to the advanced techniques used by master professionals today. Imagine what you could do with your business if you used LinkedIn is used to its maximum.


Your profile setup is a key reason why you will be successful or not.  Everything from keywords to testimonials could be the reason why people will connect with you or not!


Resist the urge to connect with everyone, having spent time writing a Game Plan you will know EXACTLY who your target market is meaning you can spend time with quality connections.

LinkedIn Groups

'The online network event' here you have the chance to engage with like-minded people who share simular visions to you. You are more likely to convert contact to business when you spend time engaging with that person.

Tagging Your Contacts

As you grow you need to start tagging & grouping your contacts to make sure that your spending time productively. LinkedIn has a great built in CRM to help you achieve this.


Having used the system you need to be testing and measuring the strategy to check that it still fits your marketing plan. Re-visiting your plan could be the difference between good & great.


Now your using LinkedIn correctly you will now be best placed to start marketing yourself & your business. Everything from posts to events will be available for you to promote.

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